iPhone 6 及 iPhone 6 Plus 文字顯示發現問題

很抱歉剛收到用家報告在iPhone 6 及 iPhone 6 Plus 使用 First Words by Toddler Playground 時,flash card 內的文字的顏色非常淡。會盡快上載更新版本解決問題。感謝幫忙測試的朋友!



Just received some user feedback on the display problem of text in flash cards appeared in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus when they were using First Words by Toddler Playground. I will fix it and upload to Apple App Store as soon as possible. Thanks for everyone who gives me feedback.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused by the problem since we are still at the start-up stage and have insufficient resources to test on every devices.


打印版 flash cards 可以下載了!

printable flash card screenshot

First Words by Toddler Playground 的打印版咭片可以下載了!





Printable flash cards of First Words by Toddler Playground is available now!

Download the lovely graphics in the Fruit Picking scene and play with your kids!

Printable flash cards for other scenes will be coming soon. Please keep an eye in our blog for release schedule.

* Please note that we own the copyright of the printable flash cards under CC Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license, that is no commercial use, no alterations, and must share our weblink to credit us when you share them with others.


First Words by Toddler Playground 快將發佈了!

Apple iOS App Store 剛剛確認我的首個 app 可以發佈了!

正式發佈的日期將訂於16 Jan 2016 (Saturday)。這個小小遊戲是免費下載的,請讓小朋友試試並不吝留意見讓我可改善,謝謝!


I am very happy that my first app was just approved by Apple iOS App Store and is ready for release!

The official launch will be on 16 Jan 2016 (Saturday). This little app is free to download and is full of fun for toddlers. Please have a try and make comments on it so that I can improve. Thanks!!

First Words by Toddler Playground

First Words by Toddler Playground